Crusade of Zostoria


The Crusade of Zostoria

Zostoria Primus

World Type : Forge World

Population: 1.8 Billions

Class Tithe : Decuma Prima

Most of the planet's geography is made out of deserts stretching on more than 60 percent of the planet surface.

The majority of the population works in the complex Manufactorum Fortress located near the major spaceport of the planet in the plains of Megaron, the rest being scattered in minor hive cities built in less harsh parts of the planet . The efficiency of the sacred assembly line is 183.47% higher than any other similar facility in the Imperium ,surpassing even the tithes of Mars’s Ancient Temple Factories. Yet the Administratum demands tithes of Decuma Prima in order for the world to keep it’s appearances as a medium producing world, even though the planet sends to the battlefronts in the sub-sector and beyond Exactis Extremis amount of finished vehicles.

The main military infrastructures built on the surface of Zostoria Primus are the “Will Divine” Imperial Outpost situated in the south hemisphere of the planet and the space port Majoris “Mars’s Reach” that were made in the same image as their sister constructions on Zostoria Secundus and Tertius in M36. Also durable roads of plasteel link all the provinces concentrically. 

Zostoria Secundus

World Type : Forge World;

Population: 3 Billions;

Class Tithe : Decuma Prima

Is the first planet on witch the first colonist set upon, this is illustrated in numerous myths and stories. The landing place of the first settlers is being revered as the holy site of the prophets of the Divine Light of Humanity and Technology from beyond the stars. Also on this verry site the Space Port Majoris "Light Eternal" have been erected as a statement for the future generations of Zostorians (and as a monument dedicated to the Imperium and The Emperor-Omnissiah . The entire planet is a manufactorum, it's surface being covered with the tiles of the factories, with some parts being deserted of millenia and others highly maintained and continually developed

  Zostoria Secundus is also the home of the Regimental Command of the Astra Militarum 1775th Steel Lions since M38, stationed in the Fortress "Will Indomitable". The regiment is part of the Divine Wrath Crusade that stretches across the Eastern Fringes an collocates more than 190 billions troops divided in almost 8000 planetary theaters. The '5th Steelers' are a regiment composed of seasoned veterans from some of the most renowned Army Korps of the Imperium, their connections with the Mechanicum are unknown, but they where specially requested on Zostoria Secundus by the the Conclaves of Mars. 

Zostoria Tertius

World Type : Forge World

Population: 1.02 Billions

Class Tithe : Decuma Prima

  Zostoria Tertius is the largest planet in the system and most inhospitable. Because of the great distance from star it's temperatures are are almost unbearable throught the Zostorian year. Yet it's abundance of natural resources makes it the fuel that feeds the furnance of Mechanicum worlds. It's vast deposits of minerals and ores are being mined day and night by men and women  considering it their sacred duty to harvest, in the most dire of conditions, the planet's wealth for glory of the Emperor ( Blessed may be His Eternal Light! ). The passage to the planets provinces is made through a vast network of tunnels and Catacombs that are constantly maintained by servitors and Enginerseers that ridde in great specialised machines assuring a constant flow of spare parts and fresh supplies  to the Great Mines within the deeps of the world. The workers are situated in the Hive City Yakuz, that also serves as the planets largest space port. 

Zostoria Quatrus

World Type : Decuma Particular

Population: 240 millions;

Class Tithe : Adeptus Non (Exactis Particular)

++Classified by the Holy++ 


The times are growing dire in the Galaxy!


Motto : Helplessness is a weakness of the flesh, you can shelter from it by empowering yourself with steal and circuit. Despair though, is a weakness of the soul. May the Emperor defend us from weak souls.

                                                Brother Captain Azus Dracates of Clan Morragul 

 In the Eastern Fringes the reality boils with turmoil from within. It's very fabrics scream and distort as the space tries to contain itself to the boundaries of physics. It will soon fail.

   A warp rift  is imminent to appear close the Imperial Manufactorum System of Zostoria. The consequences of losing these worlds are unimaginable,  the restless factories sing litanies to the Machine God incessantly as they build ironclad Leman Russ pattern battle tanks for the entire sector thus fueling countless crusades against demons and xenos alike. Yet the most important product of Zostoria's factories are the Gellar Field Engines built in secret facilities located on Zostoria Qatrus, this are highly specialized apparatuses that produce an aura of reality around a vessel ranging from one small such as a Vagabond Class Merchant Trader to one as great as a Gloriana class capital ship used in the Ancient Times by Primarchs and Emperor Himself, blessed may be his light ! Without this devices, as soon as a vessel enters warp it will be assailed, and surely destroyed, by the voracious denizens of the alternate reality that even so continually probe for weak points in the nimbus of the craft. 

  Almost all of the 7 billions inhabitants of the system are engaged in the Manufactorum System, from the few servitors made from the natives of the  planet, that have wronged against the Machine, to the Planetary Governors ,who themselves are in some degree initiated in the scared cult of Mars, appointed by the Administratum at the request of the Fabricator General himself. The planet itself has been rediscovered in the early period of the Great Crusade by the The Iron Hands Legion of Ferrus Manus. The peoples of the world were not under the terror reign of any xenos, and still used some remnants of old technology the first colonist used, going as far as constructed great factories in witch the produced heavy machinery designed to help them in agricultural labors and mining industry. The planets of the system were interconnected by an ancient space craft system incapable of further space jumps, but very well maintained, that harnessed the gravitational pull of the system's star and solar energy. 

  The System was ruled by a governing class made of descendants of the first colonist and even occupied their initial roles: The Speaker of The Machines ( original Engineer ), the Guide Throughout the Stars ( The Pilot ), The Mason ( architect ), the Tender (the medic). The representative role was given within a guild, based on distinct achievements and unanimously votes for a period of 8 Zostorian years (6 terran standard years ) with the possibility of reelection. The seat of the council was placed on Zostorian Quadrus, the largest satellite of Zostorian Primus. The planet had little millitary means except of a force of old orbit capable fearing attack vessels. The astartes were received as long awaited constructors from a near mythic ultradeveloped Terrae Divinae. Ferrus himself was looked upon with awe and reveration. 

 In time the Adeptus Mechanicus became more interested in the planet, beliving that it could might have sheltered a STC device, and requested dominion over the worlds. On Zostoria Quartus an old House Tiralin Imperial Knight cadet branch was placed along with terraforming facilities. 

  In M37, Hecutor Pattern Plasma Defense Batteries were placed alongside other PDF systems, among witch 1 million tons of the much dreaded Vortex Warheads were brought in secret in order to assure the best defense of the precious facilities .

The populations of all three planets are devoted worshipers of the Emperor and revere also the divine facet the Omnissiah. The heresy against the Machine God is seen as grievous as rejecting the holy light of the Emperor, this is one of the reasons that Zostoria is one of the few systems in the Imperium that imports servitors along other supplies needed to sustain itself and produce its goods. On each Planet there is a shirine dedicated to the Emperor Ascendant( Blessed may be His light !), and The Omnissiah, every factory has both a Confessor Majoris and a Magos Majoris leading countless others man of cloth in order to perform daily routines regarding the good works of the machines and humans spirits alike.

 On all the four planets there have been built and maintained defensive infrastructures such as Imperial Outposts and a Space Ports witch allowed access to the other planets in the system and on Zostroria Quartus Major Space port, but only by imputing sequence made of 120 billions characters on all 3 planets at the same time without risking the hellish purge of the Hecutor Batteries, thus further protecting the Gellar Field factories in secret, and the Planet's Conclave in the open.

  In Ancient times on Zostoria Primus a skirmish between a small force of Blood Angels that responded the most promptly to a distress call from a Manufactorum regarding an attack made by a score of something named “metal monsters” took place. But the matter was resolved rather quick with only two casualties in the ranks of the Sanguinus's Children. The monsters reported were in fact a group a scattered necron warriors lead by a cryptek, seemingly random and purposeless.

 The Grey Knights Prognosticators saw in warp the truth about the anomaly, a score of the dreaded Vortex Warheads Missiles were deliberately launched in order to open a great rift in the reality. Alas, the plan failed because of the necron artifact hidden deep beneath the deserts of Zostoria Primus that, even untuned, blocks large amounts of warp energies to manifest fully. Was the purity of Zostoria tainted beyond redemption ? Will the demonic scores pour into real space preying upon the innocent ? That will be for the victor of the impeding conflict to decide. One thing is certain, Zostoria will never be the same.