Crusade of Zostoria


Beligerant Forces

The Scions of The Sigillate

    The Prognosticators have discovered a soon to materialise warp aberation in the Eastern Friges near the system of Zastoria. The importance of the world is incomprehensible, the ancient Manufactorum provided millions upon milions of Leman Russ patern tanks., beeing the sole forge world with this tithes in the entire subsector. But the most important machinery constructed by the factories were the secret facilities producing  Gellar Fields generators for the Navitas Nobilitae. The inquisition reacted promptly when it received the grim news from Titan. This coroboreted with secret knowledges from liber daemonica that stated the setting  in motion of events that linked with a profecy regarding an ancient enemy of the Imperium required for the involvement of the Purifiers, the secret order of ellite brothers known as Scions of the Sigilate have been appointed to stop what was soon to become a dire event in the history of the Imperium. The Barge Retribution of the Divine has made for Zostoria Primus bearing with it hope for the righteous and despair to the damned.

The Dinasty of the Red Sand

   The crypteks of the Dynasty of the Red Sand advise the Pharaoh to strike the Imperium world of Zastoria in order to recover the ancient Pillar of Threads, an artefact made by the fallen C'tan God known as Void Dragon himself during the Great War that could anihilate psyhic power in an entire galactic segment if tuned corectly. The natives can't even phantom the power of the device that lies dormat, yet the aura of the god amplifies the unknowing primitives to construct better machineries of their on. 

Night Lords of  Bleeding Eye

   The Night Lords warband of the Bleeding Eye, have assembled a great force with the intention to attack the planets of Zostoria, one of their ancient prophecies given by their primarch, foretold a conflagration that will give them " the first step to make for our reunion is the destruction of the shades of reality from the world on the brink of the unblinking eye that just opens to bring rule through the terror there where the crown of night sleeps unspoiled ".  The unification with their forefather was the single goal that could unite an otherwise nihilistic brotherhood the fought more for the destruction of the Empire that betrayed them than for the glory of the great Chaos Gods. 

Splinters of The Jomurgandr

   The powerful eldritch energies of the Warp emitted strangely tuned psionic vibrations to the great void of the Galaxy. They didn't go unnoticed  by the children of the great serpent, even tough the vast numbers of the brood were lost, they could be reproduced rapidly on a world in conflict. The Hive Mind decreed, the swarms must feed and distract the attention of the biomass from the new Fleet on it's way the feeding grounds of Galaxy. A new norn queen will be made on the impact with the frozen world. It could linger until it became strong. The biomass will not detect them because of the anomaly. The brood will prevail, it  always did.

The earth caste of Fal’Shia

    After the great success in the Medusa V campaign in which the Tau developed their first warp engines, their research facility was attacked by daemons. A few selfless Fio scientists and engineers stayed behind to hold them off, while the others retreated to the orbit. Being overwhelmed and with no retreat options, the few dozens remaining Tau activated an experimental warp engine which, powered by the warp storm in the system, teleported them and a large portion of their base and armoury, far away in the system of Zostoria where they found themselves stranded with no way off. The party, led by the master engineer of Fal’Shia, cloning and warp technology pioneer Fio’O Fal’Shia Ar’Raa’Nal’Fio’Quo established their base on the planet of Zostoria and sent recon drones to scout the area. Soon they found about the existance of hidden factories who manufactured gellar field generators, which, if taken to be studied, would prove to be invaluable for the warp travel technology. Now, with fewer than a couple dozens Tau remaining, stranded on the planet, and with no way to contact the Empire, Fio’O decides to create an army of Shas’la clones using genetic material from fire caste in desperate need of warriors to fight the battles that will come.

Craft World of Khaleea

   Farseer GilGalad, leader of the hosts of the Craftword Khaleea had a disturbing vision, a being made of dread an terror reached it's hand to plunder  the worlds Zostoria as a ripe fruit. If the Imperium of Man faltered in keeping their dominance the planet it will became as a living hell with the entire subsector  following shortly. The Craftworld was forced to wage war, dwindling their numbers even more, yet the alternative may be extinction. Ultwue , in his desperation merged with the infinity circuit to seek wisdom from the departed, but when he connected with the choir only one being was there to lend him answers, the newly born Ynnead who said: "We live." The shock was to great, the connection faltered immediately, the farseer knew that he must protect his Craftworld at all costs  and with all the help he could muster . A message was sent to the astropaths of the The Great Wolf, in order for an ancient debts to be repaid. An short lived alliance will be forged in uttermost secrecy  for a common agenda, the survival of Zostoria.

Astra Militarum 1775th Steel Lions

    Zostoria system is also the home of the Regimental Command of the Astra Militarum 1775th Steel Lions since M38, stationed in the Fortress "Will Indomitable". The regiment is part of the 'Divine Wrath' Crusade that stretches across the Eastern Fringes an collocates more than 190 billions troops divided in almost 80000 planetary theaters. The '5th Steelers' are a regiment composed of seasoned veterans from some of the most renowned Army Korps of the Imperium, their connections with the Magos from the Red planet of Sol are unknown, but they where specially requested on this very worlds by the the Conclaves of Mars. 

The Wolf Riders of Hagarl

     The great Wolf had called a moment of silence at the Great Feast on Fenris, silent growls were made as the undivided attention of the wolves turned to their yarl. He said that a Crusade was decreed on the distant worlds Zostoria. The situation was soon to become desperate for it's people he shouted as he drank a great sip of ale. And when it turn desperate, he continued, they plead to the wolves ! All the warriors started laughing and howling joyfully. The yarl was proud of it's pack, brave and defiant, as The great Wolf himself he thought as he grinned. He then slammed his goblet on the metal table and silence laid again on the Great Hall. The wolf riders of Hagarl will go with our ambassad to the worlds of Zostoria. Hagarl rose and saluted with a fist to his chest. Also an ancient debt will be fulfilled by our brother Asger with the xenos Eldar, decreed the Wolf. No one will ever call the Sons of Russ honorless.  The fest continued as a defiant as the Imperium in front of it's enemies

  • The Argent Furies

   The Argent Furies Sisterhood of the Argent Shroud Ordos militant army corp has been deviated to the Regimental Storm Hold of Zastoria Tertius in order to reinforce the already stationed garisson, following a distress call form the astropath choir. Full briefing will be made in the Tactical Gathering, but it's speculated that a large s Army Fleet is bound to lay siege to the world for some unknown reasons, one thing is sure, a warp rift is forming in proximity of the planet. The zeal of the sisters backed by the numbers of Zostorians is going to become o force to be recon by all who thread against the Emperor and His Eternal Light !